New Zealand Wool

The High Country, Land Of The Finest Wool.

New Zealand’s high country is known for its majestically beautiful scenery – the snow-cloaked mountains, braided rivers, and tussock grasslands shaped by millions of years of natural events and centuries of exploration. With its rich human heritage, the ever-changing High Country became home to sheep farmers in the 19th century. The High Country Collection gets its name from the best-in-class wool humanely sheared from sheep in the High Country hills of New Zealand’s North Island.


AGING GRACEFULLY — Sleep is essential to health. Wool regulates temperature for those who are unable to do so like babies, the elderly, and women experiencing menopause. Wool also has the unparalleled ability to control moisture and humidity levels, thereby creating a healthier, more comfortable environment for sleep.
Source: IWTO (International Wool Textile Organization)

FIRE RESISTANT — Thanks to its high nitrogen content, wool is naturally flame retardant.

ODOR RESISTANT — Wool is highly efficient at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air, before bacteria develops and produces an unpleasant odor.


NATURAL — Wool is 100% natural. Since the Stone Age, it has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man, and science is yet to produce a fiber matching its unique properties.

RENEWABLE — Every year sheep will produce a new fleece; making wool a renewable fiber source. Woolgrowers actively work to safeguard the environment and improve efficiency, endeavoring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.

BIODEGRADABLE — Wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes quickly, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground.

Source: IWTO (International Wool Textile Organization)


Air quality is more important today than ever. Since one third of our lives are spent asleep with our head against a pillow, breathing into a clean, healthy pillow filled with wool is optimal.

HYPOALLERGENIC — Wool doesn’t cause allergies and does not promote the growth of bacteria. It reduces floating dust in the atmosphere and renders harmful VOCs from the air, such as formaldehyde, making the air within a room safer. Additionally, wool does not lay host to bed bugs or dust mites

ASTHMA — The number of people with asthma is increasing every year in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 12 people in the US has asthma. Wool contains relatively few or no potentially irritating substances which minimizes the possibility of an allergic response.


Using materials that actively lock up CO2 greatly benefits climate change. Wool locks up nearly twice its own weight in CO2.

During its lifetime, the average sheep sequesters more than 30kg of CO2 in its wool. In New Zealand, sheep flocks store more than 120 million kg CO2 in their wool annually.

Wool can absorb nearly 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry to the touch. This wicking of perspiration makes a big contribution to uninterrupted sleep.

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